Bill Swerski’s Superfans

dabears“Bill Swerski’s Superfans” was an ongoing sketch on Saturday Night Live during the 90’s. You may remember them referring to “Da Bears” and “Ditka” as the two primary targets of the Superfans’ affection. The sketch continued regularly for about 6 years, and has had several cameo appearances on SNL since, usually when something good happens in Chicago sports.

Gotta love the internet, as these guys even have their own Wikipedia entry :

The sketch typically depicts a television program where sports fans obsessively discuss the topic at hand. It first appeared on January 12, 1991 starring Joe Mantegna as the show’s host, Bill Swerski, along with Chris Farley as Todd O’Connor, Mike Myers as Pat Arnold, and Robert Smigel as Carl Wollarski. Subsequent sketches starred George Wendt as Bob Swerski with occasional appearances by Beth Cahill as his daughter, Denise Swerski. John Goodman played Pat Arnold upon Myers’ departure from SNL; the change in Pat Arnold’s appearance was attributed to “massive weight gain.” Mantegna’s absence was invariably explained away by Wendt, saying his “brudder Bill” had just “had anudder ‘eart attack.”

Enjoy this famous clip below, with Michael Jordan visiting the Superfans. (after the Hulu advertisement of course, but I guess its worth it to get high quality copyrighted content online)