Bizarre Basketball Team Names

Tropics 560x272Okay, look, the teams themselves really aren’t all that bizarre, in fact, most of them are part of the NBA Development League and therefore supply players, eventually, to the premiere teams. What is odd are some of the choices made for mascots, nicknames, and logos. And, just to clear the air even more, I don’t mean odd or bizarre in any negative connotation, as I assume all of these teams kick court ass on a regular basis (at least those still currently in existence) and have exceptionally talented players. Much like the Bizarre Hockey teams I did last time, I’m offering up the logo design picture as well as a link to their respective sites – or at least a site that deals with the particular team. So, for those who know these teams, enjoy, and for those new to outside-of-the-NBA basketball, well, also enjoy. Finally, I need to give a shout out to Logo Shak for supplying me and anyone interested with excellent scans.

Adirondack Wildcats – (USBL)

Adirondak Wildcats USBL

Asheville Altitude – (NBADL)

Altitude 560x385

Anaheim Arsenal – (NBADL)

Anaheim Arsenal

Anaheim Roadrunners – (ABA)

Anaheim Roadrunners

Arkansas Rimrockers – (ABA)

Arkansas Rimrockers

Springfield Armor – (NBADL)

Armor 1

Baltimore Pearls – (ABA)

Baltimore Pearls 560x471

Birmingham Magicians – (ABA)

Birmingham Magicians ABA

Butte Daredevils – (CBA)

Butte Daredevils

Cape Cod Frenzy – (ABA)

Cape Cod Frenzy

Charlotte Krunk – (ABA)

Charlotte Krunk

Dallas Chaparrals –  (ABA)

Dallas Chaparrals 560x237

Roanoke Dazzle – (NBADL)

Dazzle 560x486

Detroit Dogs – (ABA)

Detroit Dogs

Huntsville (Albuquerque) Flight – (NBADL)

Flight 560x412

Florida Pitbulls – (NBADL)

Florida Pit Bulls

Florida Sea Dragons – (USBL)

Florida Sea Dragons

Fort Wayne Mad Ants – (NBADL)

Ft Wayne Mad Ants 560x326

Gary Steelheads – (IBA)

Gary Steelheads

Iowa Energy –  (NBADL)

Iowa Energy 560x468

LA D-Fenders –  (NBADL)

LA D Fenders

Charleston Lowgators –  (NBADL)

Lowgators 560x493

NEPA (North East Penn.) Breakers –  (USBL)

NEPA Breakers USBL 560x213

Pittsburgh Phantoms –  (ABA)

Phantoms GPBL 560x298

Pittsburg Xplosion – (CBA)

Pittsburgh Xplosion2 560x354

Columbus Riverdragons – (NBADL)

Riverdragons 560x533

Sioux Falls Skyforce – (NBADL)

SF Skyforce

St. Louis Stunners – (ABA)

St.Louis Stunners

Strong Island Sound – (ABA)

Strong Island Sound 560x385

Vermont Frost Heaves – (PBL)

Vermont Frost Heaves