The Seven Best Black Simpsons Characters

simpsons angola 560x373What better way to celebrate Black History Month than to pay tribute to fictional characters that have absolutely nothing to do with the plight of African Americans. Yes, folks, I’m talking about the black characters on The Simpsons, the ones who give color to an otherwise all-yellow (and Apu) world.

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Note: We’re not including notable guest stars, like Darryl Strawberry, Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Barry White, James Earl Jones and James Brown since they only played themselves and aren’t original characters. And we’re only including the relatively notable ones, with a few extra on page two.


Dr. Julius M. Hibbert, M.D.

Doctor Hibbert

Our favorite family doctor who laughs at everything, Dr. Hibbert is routinely on the show. He also has a son and two daughters.

Voiced by Harry Shearer

Dr. Hibbert Action Figuredragonballzcentral 2144 391283187


Carl Carlson

Carl Carlson 173x300

Carlton “Carl” Carlson works at the nuclear power plant and often goes to Moe’s Tavern after work with his friend Lenny.

Voiced by Hank Azaria

Carl Carlson Action Figure
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Officer Lou

455604 eddielou2 large

Along with Officer Eddie, Officer Lou is one of the regular cops seen around Springfield.

Voiced by Hank Azaria

Officer Lou Action Figure
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Judge Roy Snyder

roy snyder 300x221

Judge Snyder, depending on his mood, is either extremely lenient or extremely strict. And that’s usually when Homer appears before him.

Voiced by Harry Shearer

Court Room with Judge Snyder
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Drederick Tatum


Drederick Tatum is a parody of boxer Mike Tyson and once pushed his mother down the stairs.

Voiced By Hank Azaria


“Bleeding Gums” Murphy

Bleeding Gums Murphy 207x300

Lisa’s jazz musician hero has appeared in several episodes and even died in one of them. He is Julius Hibbert’s brother.

Voiced by Ron Taylor and Daryl L. Coley

Bleeding Gums Murphy Action Figure
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Lucius Sweet

250px LuciusSweet

A parody of Don King, Lucius Sweet is Drederick Tatum’s manager.

Voiced by Paul Winfield

The Simpsons Figure – Lucius
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Bernice Hibbert


Dr. Hibbert’s wife is based off of Claire Huxtable and isn’t very interesting, other than being a recovering alcoholic.

Voiced by Tress MacNeille



Lewis working

Lewis is a kid in Bart’s class.

Voiced by Jo Ann Harris, Nancy Cartwright, Maggie Roswell, Pamela Hayden, Russi Taylor



benjamin doug gary the simpsons 300x157

Benjamin is one of the three nerds who Homer bunks with in college. It’s not that he really ‘sucks’ but he’s definitely not that good.

Voiced by Harry Shearer

Benjamin and Gary Action Figures

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Janey is a girl in Lisa’s class, sometimes her friend, other times not.

Voiced by Pamela Hayden