BMW Announces Electric MINI Details

p0047902 1280 300x221BMW just announced details of the the new MINI E. They will be available for lease in California, New York and New Jersey starting in 2009 to those with a lockable garage or area to house the high current charging station. The MINI is driven by a 204 hp, 162 lb-ft electric motor and can reach 62 mph in 8.5 seconds.

The new electric MINI will travel 150 miles per charge, and can fully charge in 2 1/2 hours. The battery pack is made up of 5,088 cells arranged in 48 modules, similar to the Tesla Roadster, which is located in the area used by the rear seat in the gasoline powered MINI.

p0047908 1280 300x205Personally, I like the idea of a battery powered MINI, but I would prefer a smaller (40-60 mile) battery with a gas/diesel generator for extended range similar to the Chevy Volt.