Body Spray Sets Off School Fire Alarm

AxeBodySpray 560x448

Fire alarms have a tendency to be triggered by things other than smoke and flames. I’ve heard that steam from a hot shower can set one off, but what happened at a Connecticut high school yesterday is one for the books.

Authorities in Middletown, Conn., said a student looking for the “Axe Effect” while getting dressed in his high school locker room Thursday set off the fire alarm after dousing himself with body spray.

Ahh, to be young, dumb and full of you know what again. Hint to the pyromaniac/wannabe stud: a little goes a long way. No chick is going to let you explore her nether regions if you smell like a cleaning supply closet. Needless to say, this poor bastard will have a rough time living this incident down. He should count himself lucky if all he gets is the nickname “Axe.”

[Via The Denver Channel]