Booze and Boobs With Carmen Electra

carmen electra drink 794561Sweet, sweet Mother Nature, I’d like to personally thank you and your combined efforts with God in creating a human female who could, quite possibly, be the single most stunning bipedal, carbon-based life form on the planet. It makes little difference that she is, for all intents and purposes, about as bright as a sack of doorknobs, and it matters none that she has, as far as I understand from the all-too truthful headlines, slept with more lucky guys than the combined prostitute populous of Las Vegas: Carmen Electra is almost painful to look at.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean ‘painful’ in a ‘damn, she’s fugly’ kind of way, or even in a ‘are those eye lasers?’ kind of way, but in a way that her other-worldly beauty can, and has, brought people to their knees in a quivering mass of uselessness. Though, unfortunately, I’d just as soon gouge out my my sensory sockets with a hanger than see her recite script, I would, oddly, watch her stand still flipping aimlessly through phone books. You see, it’s not the muffled garbles that exit her pretty, pretty mouth, it’s the statuesque presentation with which she turns an everyday ‘scene’ into something akin to a masterful piece of art. So, if you, too, feel pretty much the same way I do about little miss “shut up and be naked”, then maybe you’ll just love these pics, too.

Oh, and no Beer this time, but who are we to be picky? Below is a collection of Carmen with several types of beverages:w

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