Amazing First Clip from the Amazing Spider-Man Movie

spidey 2012

Okay, that headline really oversold it. Nevertheless, Mark of the Spider-Man, a website dedicated to spreading the word about this summer’s highly anticipated Spidey reboot, unveiled an exclusive clip from the movie over the long weekend. And boy is it ever exciting. Watch as Peter Parker, played by the svelte and follicle endowed Andrew Garfield, has a compelling conversation with a doorman (the great John Scurti of Rescue Me fame).

An awkward exchange of dialogue. If that doesn’t make you want to plop down $10 then I don’t know what will. Next on the viral campaign docket, a one-minute scene of Dr. Curt Connors reading a book about Peruvian tree frogs. I hear it’s off the chain.

[h/t /Film]