Box Office Beatdown: “Alice” has a Bottomless Rabbit Hole


OK, this isn't in the movie. We just like the picture.

The Beat-Down:

Alice In Wonderland continues kicking ass and taking names, making $32 million last weekend and up to a domestic total of $265 million. Expect “Alice Part II: First Blood” next year.

It was also a good weekend for wusses, with Diary of a Wimpy Kid making $20 million and Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler salvaging their careers with $20 million for The Bounty Hunter. You might remember our touching, sensitive review of the trailer.

The Beaten-Down:

Bad day for Jude Law, as Repo Men made only $6 million this weekend, on its way to home video. That’s what you get when you star with the director of Hope Floats.