Box Office Beatdown – Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Behold, the power of MILF

The Beatdown:

“The Blind Side” continued to kick major ass this weekend, as it took the weekend like a porn star, with $20 million for its first number one weekend.  The surprise hit has made $130 million so far and will probably wrap up with $180 million or so, meaning at least three more shitty Sandra Bullock movies.

Meanwhile, future fellow Oscar bait “Up In the Air” made a million bucks off of fifteen screens.  Not bad.

The Beaten-Down:

Yeah, “Transylmania” looked like it sucked: it was the third in the “National Lampoon’s ‘Dorm Daze'” series, something the advertising wasn’t eager to discuss since those movies never hit any screen bigger than a computer monitor.  Still, coming out on a thousand screens and pulling in less than $300  a theater for a $274,000 opening has gotta hurt.  Sucks to suck, we guess.