Box Office Beatdown: Everybody Loves Tim Burton’s Apathy

scarytim burton

This is what Helena Bonham Carter sees during sex.

The Beatdown:

The reviews were terrible, the marketing was misleading, but it was in 3D and had mainstream-approved Goth Tim Burton at the helm, so “Alice In Wonderland” cleaned house this weekend, making $116 million and all but confirming we’re going to be buried under three-dimensional shit for at least a year. Meanwhile, “Brooklyn’s Finest” pulled in $13.5 million for second place and a decent start. Meanwhile, “Cop Out” has already become Kevin Smith’s highest grossing movie. Somewhere, indie film is weeping.

The Beaten Down:

“The Wolf Man” has been plunging off the charts, and this latest round saw it drop 60% off the top ten to a $60 million gross against a $150 million budget. Let the jokes about studio executives getting neutered commence!