Box Office Beatdown: Paint Your “Dragon”

HowToTrainYourDragon 03

The Beat-Down:

“How to Train Your Dragon” did pretty well for a March weekend, making $43 million and finally knocking “Alice in Wonderland” down to number two. Meanwhile, “Hot Tub Time Machine” made about $13 million, which is pretty much neither good nor bad.

The Beaten-Down:

While we love Atom Egoyan, a man who makes art movies about strippers, his “Chloe”, which apparently cost $15 million, got off to a crappy start with a $1 million gross. Probably because of the awesome ad campaign that’s ensured this is the first time you’ve even heard of the movie.  Also, “Repo Men” continues to swirl the bowl, dropping to #9 and probably off the top ten next week.