Box Office Beatdown: Paint Your “Dragon”

HowToTrainYourDragon 03

Ten seconds before he gets the nickname "Lefty"

The Beat-Down:

“How to Train Your Dragon” did pretty well for a March weekend, making $43 million and finally knocking “Alice in Wonderland” down to number two. Meanwhile, “Hot Tub Time Machine” made about $13 million, which is pretty much neither good nor bad.

The Beaten-Down:

While we love Atom Egoyan, a man who makes art movies about strippers, his “Chloe”, which apparently cost $15 million, got off to a crappy start with a $1 million gross. Probably because of the awesome ad campaign that’s ensured this is the first time you’ve even heard of the movie. ¬†Also, “Repo Men” continues to swirl the bowl, dropping to #9 and probably off the top ten next week.