Box Office Beatdown – Sixth Time’s Not the Charm

The Beatdown of the Weekend:


paranormal activity dwrks21 75x75Who would have thought a $15,000 horror movie would finally snap “Saw”?  But that’s pretty much exactly what happened: a movie studio finally opened a horror movie against a “Saw” flick and saw record profits.  “Paranormal Activity” made $22 million against “Saw VI”‘s $14.8 million, a record low opening for the series.  And just to rub some salt in the wound, “Saw VI” opened on a thousand more screens.  So far, “Paranormal” has $62 million in the bank and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Another survivor this weekend was “Where the Wild Things Are”, which fell a respectable 55% from its first weekend.  Not great, but probably better than arty childhood-focused flicks with indie rock scores do as a general rule.

The Beaten-Down of the Week:

We weren’t excited for “Amelia”, the story of Amelia Earhart, but we don’t have vaginas (well, most of us.  We think Erica has one, but she won’t let us see it).  Either way, turns out women weren’t excited to Amelia either: it opened to $4 million, off the top ten, an opening so bad even “Astro Boy”, which made $7 million against a $65 million budget, look good in comparison.