Box Office Beatdown – The Apocalypse is Good For Box Office

2012 movie still 8

The Beatdown:

People are either into watching LA and Washington get flattened, or there was really nothing to do this weekend: “2012” made $65 million.  Which proves it takes nothing less than the Apocalypse to defeat Michael Jackson.  Also, “A Christmas Carol” held surprisingly well with less than 25% lost from last weekend.  So maybe Disney won’t lose quite as much money as everyone was expecting.  Finally, “Precious: a Movie You Have To Pretend To Like Because It’s About Black People” made nearly $19,000 per screen, so we’re going to hear about this shameless melodrama for months.

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The Beaten-Down:

“Pirate Radio” hit nearly 900 screens which promptly told them to piss off.  It opened outside the top 10 with less than $3 million.  Even less than Cameron Diaz’s “Box”.

No, we’re never letting go of that joke.