Box Office Beatdown – This is a Hit

michael jackson this is it movie poster

The Beatdown of the Week:

Apparently, once you die, all is forgiven.  Michael Jackson couldn’t sell a copy of “Invincible” while he was alive, but now that he’s in the big hyperbaric chamber in the sky, nothing was stopping “This Is It”, which is basically a DVD documentary writ large, from grossing $100 million worldwide since Wednesday, $22 million of that in the US.

Sure, it probably helped that there wasn’t a damn thing in theaters otherwise, but “This” has been getting great reviews.

Also this weekend, “Paranormal Activity” became the highest grossing movie, by percentage, ever made.   It also became the highest-grossing movie ever made where ticket revenue consists almost entirely of people who saw it and then started bitching about the hype.

The Beaten-Down:

“Where the Wild Things Are” took it on the chin this weekend, dropping 63%.  It’s now looking like Spike Jonze’s ode to childhood isn’t going to clear $100 million in the US, which basically means kids can look forward to more movies that think they’re idiots, and James Gandolfini won’t get his Oscar.

Boy, we really hope that drop wasn’t due to “This Is It”.  Taking your kid to a Michael Jackson movie is [MOLESTATION JOKE EXCISED BY GUNAXIN EDITORIAL FOR BEING TOO LAZY.  THE WRITER HAS BEEN FOUND AND BEATEN.]