Box Office Beatdown: Tyler Perry Disproves the Existence of Taste

clash of the titans


The Beat-Down:

Yes, “Clash of the Titans” made money, $61 million to be exact, which is exactly half its budget, which means Warners will continue turning out new movies featuring Romans, huzzah.

What was pants-crappingly terrifying was the fact that a movie with this insane trailer:

…made $29 million this weekend. Something that caused this column to be late because the author was too busy injecting heroin straight into his eyeballs and weeping over the last shreds of his faith in humanity. What IS it with Tyler Perry?

The Beaten-Down:

At least we can believe shameless and relentless promotion can’t save every movie: “She’s Out of My League” is tumbling off the charts and clearly wasn’t the outsize hit that we were expecting from…er…Jay Baruchel. So, yeah.