Box Office Beatdown : Valentine’s Day

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He’s gay, she’s not gay with Anne Hathaway. There, we just answered any questions you may have about this movie.

The Beatdown:

“Valentine’s Day”, the latest turd to escape the filmmaking colon of Garry Marshall, managed to gross exactly what it cost to make, $52 million. This means we can expect one of these all-star cast collections of stock characters and plots to hit theaters every Valentine’s until one of them mercifully tanks.

Just to make you realize how terrible this is: Anne Hathaway plays a phone sex operator. But because it’s PG-13, we get nothing sexy at all. This movie could have outgrossed “Avatar” if they’d just had some foresight.

Meanwhile, “Percy Jackson and the Overly Long Title” made a third of its budget in a weekend, meaning we’ll see at least one more of these Harry Potter “homages” next year before the series dies.

The Beaten-Down:

The one movie actually worth seeing this weekend, “The Wolfman”, made $30 million, but that’s against a $150 million budget. Granted, it was a troubled film, but still, that has got to hurt. We suggest you go see it for your prescribed dose of Anthony Hopkins playing the second-creepiest character of his career post haste.