24 Memorable Brad Pitt Moments

Brad Pitt 560x392What are your plans for your 50th birthday? Do you even think you will care when it comes around? Today is Brad Pitt’s 50th birthday. That’s right, 50! And if you wish you’ll look like he does when you turn 50, get in line. We all do.

But today isn’t just about how lucky he is to be married to such a fox, Angelina Jolie, or that he looks younger than most 30 year olds. No sir. Today is about celebrating the man’s 50th birthday with a look back at some of the moments from his career that we all love, the best moments from some of the best Brad Pitt flicks ever. Enjoy this collection of the best of the best in Brad Pitt’s career.

Thelma and Louise – J.D.

Cool World – Frank Harris

A River Runs Through It – Paul Maclean

Kalifornia – Early Grayce

True Romance – Floyd

Interview With A Vampire – Louis

Legends of the Fall – Tristan

Se7en – Mills

Twelve Monkeys – Jeffrey

Fight Club – Tyler Durden

Snatch – Mickey

Ocean’s Eleven – Rusty

Troy – Achilles

Ocean’s Twelve – Rusty

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – John Smith

Babel – Richard

Ocean’s Thirteen – Rusty

The Assassination of Jesse James – Jesse James

Burn After Reading – Chad

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Benjamin Button

Inglorious Basterds – Aldo Raine

Moneyball – Billy Beane

World War Z – Gerry Lane

The Counselor – Westray