Brew Free! or Die IPA

12Brew Free! or Die IPA  – 21st Amendment Brewery, San Francisco

I’m a sucker for beer with unusual names. So when I learned that my friend, Waheeda Harris, a travel journalist based out of Toronto, tried Brew Free! or Die IPA, I asked her to review the beer for Gunaxin. Note that because she is from Canada, she spells things differently.

This west coast brewpub stands by its motto: the right to brew beer, to be innovative and most importantly to have fun. We can’t all guarantee we can be here for a long time, but let’s make it definitely for a good time. This craft brewery currently has four options in the can, and while I was enjoying the rock n roll city of Cleveland, I got to sip and savour Brew Free! or Die IPA during happy hour. The golden colour of the elixir matches the home state’s stereotype – a sunny golden blonde and she’s smiling right at you. This IPA is made with six different hops matched with a bold malt which will smack on you on the nose when you pour this brew – there’s a distinct pine scent and caramel beckoning to you. Then wait for it,  you may get a whiff of citrus. Remember this brew is from Cali, so that unique mix of lemon and orange will come on strong like a typical IPA once you whet that whistle. Flavours will be hitting hot spots all over your palate, giving you a smack of brightness and sweetness like a strong beam of sunlight. But do I need sunglasses? Is it blinding and overpowering? No my friend, its a quick, clean finish, and perhaps a little less carbonated than I would like. Your west coast bro’s are making this a regular indulgence – its an easy drinking beer made for repeat tastings. Especially with nachos.

Rating ****

Waheeda Harris, @waheedaharris
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