Bridgestone DriveGuard Run-Flat Tires

DriveGuard 3 560x280Changing a flat tire is among the most manly things you can do, so we normally don’t mind getting a chance to flex our muscles. Unless it’s raining. Or you don’t have a spare. Or the tire that needs to be changed is on your woman’s vehicle, and she is stuck on the side of the road two hours away from you.

DriveGuard 1 560x280

Murphy’s Law dictates those are the only times you’ll ever have a flat tire, when it is least convenient. So then man invented the run-flat tire, a marvel of engineering that will allow you to drive for 50 miles at 50 mph on a flat tire. Over the past decade or so, you’ve seen them equipped mostly on BMW vehicles. Unfortunately they have a reputation for a stiff ride, rapid wear, and expensive replacement, so the technology hasn’t really taken off — until now.

DriveGuard 5 560x280

Available in May, DriveGuard is Bridgestone’s new line of after market run-flat tires, designed to fit a wide range of vehicles. New technology allows for a more comfortable ride, longer wear warranty, and Bridgestone has managed to get the price down substantially too. The result is a ground-breaking product that I experienced first hand at the Circuit of the Americas. I’ll allow this animation to explain in more detail:

You can read my full thoughts on Bridgestone DriveGuard Tires over at Crave Online and check out this infographic below for everything you ever wanted to know about flat tires.

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