Brita Jug Cooler Filter : Make Tap Water Taste Great Anywhere

Brita Jug Cooler Filter 1 560x280This post brought to you by Brita Universal Jug Cooler Filtration System.

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For decades, the portable water cooler has been the preferred vessel for delivering liquid refreshment to sports teams of all types. Who among us didn’t serve some time as the Waterboy of our sports team growing up? It’s a well established ritual; grab the hose, fill up the jug, and then place it on the bench to share with your teammates. We can still taste that hose water.

Brita Jug Cooler Filter 2 560x187Now we roam the sidelines of our kids practices and games, and the same tradition is still embraced, but the folks at Brita have developed a solution to make it better. Their solution is not just great for sports teams though, it’s also perfect for the job site, and for anyone who sweats for their living.

Brita Jug Cooler Filter 3 560x280Check out the Brita Universal Jug Filter System, designed to make tap water taste great anywhere. It effectively filters out chlorine taste and odor from typical tap water. The system includes adapters to fit all major brands of jug coolers, including Rubbermaid, Igloo and Coleman.

Brita Jug Cooler Filter 4 560x280We recently received a sample to test, and it couldn’t be simpler. We just removed the plastic nut from the inside or our jug, and replaced it with the properly size blue adapter. Then we just attached the filter and filled the jug with tap water. Now can get the same great tasting Brita filtered water that we love at home, anywhere we go. You can get your own Brita Jug Filter at

Brita Filter Installation 560x280To help promote this new hidden “Hydration Hero”, Brita is giving away a trip to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas for an #H20Hero! Atlantis is known for its water park, which features 141 acres of a non-stop aquatic thrill ride with rolling rapids, wave surges, 20 swimming areas, and high-speed water slides.

H20Hero 560x247 Know an unsung hero who works to make someone else’s life a little better? Who’s your hero? Is it a mom, dad, crewmember, nurse, police officer or team coach? Be a Brita Hero and nominate them now by uploading a video or picture of your “hero”, or post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag, #H2Ohero. Then invite your friends to vote for your hero, and for your chance to become one of the four finalists. Brita will announce the final four on May 9th, and you’ll have a chance to vote for the Grand Prize Winner. Each finalist will receive 10 Brita® Universal Jug Cooler Filtration Systems.