Britain’s Got Talent: The Knife Biter

In this season of Britain’s Got Talent, everyone has been keeping their eyes on Susan Boyle, a 47-year-old country woman who turned out to be an amazing singer, and Hollie Steel, a 10-year old ballet dancer who also happened to be another incredible singer. But to be honest with you, I’m not amused by all these singer wannabes who compete on this show. Instead, if their talent resides in singing, they should compete in shows like Pop Idol (British version of American Idol). Too bad that good singers will always win the judges over, something that is totally unfair to performers who can do crazy, unique, and sometimes dangerous stunts. Now that I’m done ranting, I’d like you to watch how this 62 year old man named Mike Henderson, who performed one of the most dangerous stunts on the show so far. What’s worth watching is not the stunt, but rather the funny reaction of the judges. In addition, you get to see the amazing Kelly Brook screaming.