Britney Spears Circus Comeback

britneyumbrella 274x300Britney Spears is trying to get her ‘career’ back on track after years of insanity. Between marrying rap master Kevin Federline, spawning his two devil children, shaving her head, showing her crotch to the world and taking an umbrella to a car, her A-list celebrity status quickly eroded to WTF-is-wrong-with-this-celebrity status.

kevinfederline 300x200Between shelling out $22,000 per month to feed the starving rap artist formerly never known as K-Fed, who put out stellar singles like Popozão and “Y’all ain’t ready” (are you kidding me?), paying her father roughly $11,000 per month, maintaining her ridiculous spending lifestyle, Britney is fast approaching bankruptcy if she doesn’t get her act together.

britneysvelt 169x300To get her body back in shape, she has been spending roughly $22,000 per month on a nutritionist and a personal trainer. It was rumored that she tipped the scales at a chunky 144lbs during her heated custody battle with K-Fed, but has recently slimmed down to roughly 125lbs.

Britney released the single Womanizer off her properly titled album, Circus. Surprisingly, the single managed to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on October 15th.

Now we all have learned over the years that talentless music artists like Britney don’t make their money from album sales, etc, but from shaking their thang at concerts. Unfortunately for Britney, her dance skills have deteriorated as much as her A-list celebrity status. Just check out this recent performance at a German Awards Show where she lip-syncs while flailing her arms. Where are the rocking dance moves? I’ll tell you where it is not – at this awards show. If this is all that Britney can muster to get her career back on track, she might as well stay chunky, declare bankruptcy and retire early.

Compare it to her 2007 Video Music Awards (VMA) performance where she was clearly comatose while performing her single, Gimme More.