Budget Fashion For Men


So you want to look good on a budget? Follow these tips and look great without breaking your bank account.

Know What You’re Looking For

Assuming you're new to the fashion game, let's concentrate on adding one outfit to your wardrobe: the bar outfit. You'll need a pair of quality dark blue jeans (NOT skinny jeans), a matching button down shirt (If you're not sure what matches ask for help from an associate), slim black or brown Oxfords, and a reversible leather belt. This combination allows you to look fashionably casual.

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Get High End Fashion On Sale

H&M, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and thrift stores are all great choices for those on a budget. H&M restocks their stores with the latest trends on a regular basis and is priced reasonably. Marshalls and TJ Maxx both get a lot of high-end brand names. Some clothes may be overstock from other stores, while others might have minor defects, but the majority are purchased through normal vendors. Thrift stores and vintage stores also carry a lot of quality options as well if you're willing to invest the time looking through their inventory. For those of you who prefer shopping online, Overstock.com has a ton of selections available, shipped directly to your home!

Clothes Made Specifically For You

So you're wearing your outfit, looking in the mirror and thinking, “This still doesn't look great. Maybe on someone else, but not me.” Don't worry. You haven't completed the last step. Everyone has a different body shape. Shirts and pants are going to sag or bulk up or just look off unless they were made specifically for you. This is where tailors come in. Any piece of clothing you buy that you plan on being seen in public in should be fitted. This is by far the most important piece of advice when trying to look good. Take your outfit to your local tailor. Get him or her to take your measurements, then pay them and they'll make your clothes fit perfect. If you saved a Benjamin buying your pants at discount, spending twenty to get them fitted is a drop in the bucket!

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