Bullsh*t Amazon Christmas Gifts

515gMSi 4TL. SL500 AA280 We internet users know very well what type of results to expect when we perform searches in certain places. And we know that on Amazon, you need to search for a specific product, or type of product, to yield the result you’re looking for.

At 2:20 a.m., with my eyes barely open and Dave Chappelle distracting me on TV, I mistakenly typed “Christmas Gifts” into the Amazon search box instead of Google, which would have yielded much different results.

And then came the greatest Christmas gift idea ever, from Amazon, the button to the right.

Why is it so great? Because, the Bullsh*t button:

  • …is the brilliant new way to source out liars and fakes!
  • …is a big-red-easy to use button which blurts out the TRUTH about phonies in a number of hilarious phrases!
  • …funny phrases include: (Beep) That was bullshit! (Siren) Bullshit detected Take precautions! Bullshit level defcon 5 Oh come on now, that aint even bullshit, thats horseshit! Warning, Warning, Bullshit alert!
  • …requires 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • …is suitable for anyone who knows how to detect a good bluffer!

Before it’s too late for Christmas, buy the Bullsh*t Button on Amazon!