Burn Notice Season 3

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Burn Notice Season 3 premiers on Thursday June 4th at 9PM Eastern and we have a prize pack that includes the first 2 seasons on DVD, and much more, but first a little more about the show.

Two years ago Burn Notice premiered on the USA Network, it follows the life of Michael Westin a former spy who has been “burned” (blacklisted) and stranded in Miami with no money, job or identity.  At least he has a few psychotic old friends and a family, that drove him to run away and become a spy in the first place, to help him out. Michael makes his way by  performing freelance ops typically consisting of helping good people get out of trouble with the bad guys, while he tries to find out who burned him and how he can get back into the CIA. Don’t worry he might help out the good guys but it doesn’t get too sappy, I’m looking at you Leverage.

From the beginning, this show reminded me a lot of MacGyver, not in the goofy 80’s Richard Dean Anderson mullet Way, but in the peek behind the curtain way. Instead of showing you how you can get out of a jam with only a paper clip and a stick of gum (although there is a bit of that) Burn Notice shows you the tricks of the trade inside the life of a spy, you know guns, girls, and gadgets. They even have beer, and comedy, it was practically made for this site. It does this using voice overs by Michael as he calmy explains the way he gets out of sticky situations that would cause any sane person to break down into a sobbing mess. Usually I’m not a huge fan of voiceovers but in this case it works and works well.

fiona 204x300Jeffrey Donovan exudes confidence as Michael Westin, but the real reason why I tuned in for the premiere episode of the series was Bruce Campbell (check out our recent interview), that’s right Ash from the Evil Dead Trilogy, not to mention The Hudsucker Proxy, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, and plenty of other Cult hits. Bruce plays Sam Axe one of Michael’s friends and a semi-retired intelligence operative, former Navy SEAL, and an FBI Informant. His other friend is Fiona, she’s a good reason to keep tuning in, a sexy former IRA operative who’s a little trigger happy.

Burn Notice is an action packed original series that I look forward to every week and it doesn’t look like that will change. After seeing the first episode of this season it looks like Michael’s gotten himself into even more trouble and I can’t wait to find out what happens.

Here’s what USA has to say on the subject:

Burn Notice is back at an all new time, 9pm/8c! Season 3 picks up right where season 2 left off with Michael swimming in the Atlantic. Michael emerges from the water free from interference by the organization that burned him.  He’s not under their protection, either, and is under investigation by the police.  He gets out of prison with help from his old friend, who has a job for him: extraditing a thug who’s displacing landowners in a Latin American country. Join fans on the official site and on Facebook.

Well, now that you know everything you need to know about the show, let’s get to what you really came here for, and that’s the contest. To enter simply …

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… and you could win a Burn Notice tote bag filled with:

That’s right you can win Season 1 and 2 on DVD, and a bunch of other stuff you probably don’t care about.