Ten Calendars Nobody Wants

Calendar StoreSo here it is, early October, and the stores are already flooded with the new calendars. It seems these daily/monthly reminders of humanity’s mortality arrive earlier and earlier every year, and the choices have become borderline ridiculous. You literally can find a calendar with everything from the standard animal fare (kittens, puppies, tigers, Snuffalupaguses) to your favorite TV show (Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Rhoda) and everything in between. Models, sayings, still-lifes, serene vistas, affirmations, antique bicycles, food… you name it, they make it. If you want a calendar of it, you’ll likely find it. But what of those calendars that… no one wants? What of those just this side of too ridiculous… what of those?

boone 560x560

See what Debby looked like before her Lifestyle Lift. For a whole year!

calendars 560x560

We had a lot of back-stock from 5 years ago. Now you can kind of like it all over again!

CatButtCalendar 560x560

Enjoy fourteen months of furry feline fanny as they smile at you with their beautiful brown eyes.

cosplay 560x560

No good can come of this, and now you have over a year to see why.

dirt 560x560

From the grey grains of the Badlands to the ruddy clay of Idaho. Dirt.

ham 560x560

It’s Ham, no caption necessary.

milk 560x560

Do these flimsy plastic sealers really prevent tampering of any kind? One might ask one’s self.

RoadConst 560x560

The one thing outside of Government we as Americans can all hate together… now in calendar form!

silver 560x560

What the fork?

veg 560x560

Wait till you see Miss April – The Jolly Green Giant