Canadian Insurers Are Jerks, Too

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She looks depressed to me. May not actually be Nathalie.

The American healthcare system is under grave debate right now.  But on the bright side, there’s no way they can be as big a bunch of jerkasses as Manulife Canada.

Nathalie Blanchard had been on leave because of clinical depression, you know, the real “I hate myself and want to die” kind that doctors diagnose and give you medicine for.  So, while struggling against her brain chemistry, she got the bad news that her benefits had been cut.

Why?  Because some desk jockey at Manulife was Facebook-stalking her, saw some photos of her smiling, and reached into the depths of medical knowledge attained from his Associate’s in Business and decided she was no longer depressed.

We’re still trying to figure out what makes this guy a bigger wanker, the fact that he cut somebody’s benefits based on a couple of photos, or the fact that he was Facebook-stalking his company’s clients.  Somehow, we suspect that he’ll have plenty of time to Facebook-stalk total strangers, in between breaks looking for a new job.