Cancer-Fighting Beer!

anchor beer 190x300We at love our beer. We’ve also always known that beer is good for us. It heightens the fun when times are good, it dulls the pain when times are bad, and it gets rid of that pesky headache the next morning (we’re strong believers in the “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning” mantra).

Well, the good folks over at Rice University, in a combination of their elegant brewing techniques and some good old-fashioned genetic engineering, have developed beer that can fight both cancer and heart disease. The team has discovered a way to add Resveretrol, the cancer-fighting chemical in red wine, to beer.

According to Computer World :

“Stevenson said that the Rice research group, most of the members of which aren’t old enough to legally drink alcoholic beverages, came up with the idea of adding resveratrol to beer during a casual conversation about potential projects to undertake. “The idea is that it may have greater effects [in beer than in wine],” he added. “The amount of red wine you’d need to drink to get the same results they get with rats in labs is about half a bottle a day.”

He explained that the amount of resveratrol in wine varies from bottle to bottle, since it depends on growing conditions for the grapes and other variables. The researchers felt they could design a beer with higher and more consistent concentrations of the cancer-fighting chemical.”

So it sounds like this beer might be healthier than red wine, so I think that means that we can drink even more beer now. Just because they “aren’t even old enough” to drink beer, clearly they must be drinking it, because why else would they do this? They also had this to say about the flavor:

“Stevenson noted that the lab strains of yeast the team used initially certainly wouldn’t produce a tasty beer. The taste issue is why the team this summer turned to the Saint Arnold Brewing Co., a craft brewery in Houston, for some good beer-making yeast to use. In general, the addition of the resveratrol shouldn’t affect the taste of the beer, since the chemical is odorless and tasteless, he said.”

Try the new genetically modified, Cancer and Heart Disease-Fighting beer now! Now with a good flavor!