Captain Jack Sparrow is a Blockhead

LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean Video Game e1298177644313Wait, what? Stay with me here: What do Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, and Harry Potter all have in common? Well okay, they’re all epically cool and extremely popular, but aside from that? Yes, you in the back? Right! They’ve all been made into LEGO video games!

That’s right; when you want to be cool, you be LEGO! So who’s next? Well, besides another Star Wars game based on the hugely popular Clone Wars franchise coming out March 20th… what else does Traveler’s Tales have up its sleeve? How does Pirates of the Caribbean sound? Yeah, I thought so. Check this out:

Yep. There’s your teaser! Sadly, that’s about it. For now. The game is due May 17th to coincide with the new flick this summer. According to the info you’ll be able to explore playability from all of the films thus far. And if you’ve ever played another LEGO game, you know that means big areas and big fun, savvy?

It seems LEGO just keeps dropping the fun, but they really need to take a look at this list I did here for future endeavors. Yeah, maybe they’re doing alright for themselves…. for now.