Cash Cab: Takin’ Trivia For a Ride!

cashcab2Boy, I gotta tell ya, the Discovery Channel has just about as much quality programming as you could possibly need in any given evening. Mythbusters, Overhaulin’, Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs… it reads like a “What To Do As A Cable TV Station”! Oh, and if you like you some trivia, there’s always Cash Cab. Alex Trebek can cram it with walnuts, because Ben Baily, the show’s host and driver, may not have his snide, know-it-all poo-poo attitude, but he has the sense of humor and excitability to helm this question fest.

Basically, the cab pulls up to any given curb in New York City and offers passersby rides just like any other taxi. Once inside, the recipients become part of the game show that takes place right there in the vehicle. Ben asks a series of general-knowledge questions and the contestants have twenty seconds to answer each or use one of two ‘Shout Outs’ (phone and street). If the passengers answer three incorrectly thereby receiving a trifecta of strikes, Ben pulls over and drops them off wherever the cab happens to be.

The trivia is relatively basic at first, but it gradually increases in difficulty as well as monetary value. Once at the destination, they can opt to take the cash and bolt, or answer a double-or-nothing video bonus question. It’s entertaining and certainly makes you want to shout at the screen just as a good quiz show ought to. Fun and it’s on quite often. Check it out, and go for a ride!

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