Casino de Montreal’s Unique Response to Online Gambling

LadyIn the past decade the global gambling industry has experienced phenomenal growth year after year. That growth has not been driven by the success of traditional gambling centers, it has in fact been driven by the rise of online gambling companies.

Whilst these online only sites have been flourishing, their traditional land-based counterparts have been struggling. Online providers have not just been introducing new customers to the world of gambling, but they have also been tempting existing customers out of grand casino halls and into virtual gambling rooms.

Many casino owners are panicking and resorting to drastic measures to attract customers to their venues. One Canadian casino however is facing the threat of online gambling with calm and progressive measures. In this article we take a look at Casino de Montreal’s fight against online gambling.

What threat is posed by online gambling?

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When online gambling first made its way into the mainstream nearly two decades ago it was seen as a supplementary service to the wider gambling industry. The technology was such that it was of no perceived threat to huge casinos around the world. Why, they thought, would anyone forego a thrilling casino experience for the clunky, online alternative?

That complacency was punished as over the following years investment into the online sector grew and grew, culminating in a hi-tech and visually impressive user experience. 

Online providers also enticed customers with attractive offers, enabling them to play free blackjack and other casino games, risk free, before spending money. Something which land-based venues struggle to offer. In addition to this, considerable money was spent of app development to further enhance the user experience.

In most western countries around the world with thriving gambling industries, the online sector now accounts for around a third of all gambling revenues, that’s the same amount as land-based casinos.

Industry experts are predicting that the online sector will continue to grow to a point where it will actually outstrip the land sector in terms of revenues.

One issue still facing the remote sector is its inability to capture and recreate the very unique experience of visiting an actual casino. However, that may not be a problem for much longer as progress is being made into virtual reality casino technology which could take away land-based casinos unique selling point.

How are land-based casinos responding?

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South of the Canadien border the response to online gambling is panicked at best. Rather than embracing the online sector or looking to find solutions to the problem, casino owners are instead doing their level best to shut down online gambling all together.

Sheldon Adelson, owner of Las Vegas Sands and significant Republican Party donor is leading the charge against online gambling companies. The 86-year-old is using his vast wealth and political influence to stall the countrywide legalisation of online gambling.

Adelson’s stand against online gambling is portrayed as a battle for the hearts and minds of impressionable youths who may fall foul to the ills of gambling. Altruistic as it may sound, Adelson’s campaign clearly has less to do with altruism than it does with self-interest and fear over his own gambling income.

In other countries such as the UK, land-based casinos seem to be almost surrendering to the advance of the online sector. Vast plans to build spectacular super casinos throughout the country have been shelved with existing casinos doing little to tempt their customers away from computer screens.

How is Casino de Montreal responding?

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Instead of fighting or surrendering to the online sector, Casino de Montreal is diversifying and playing up to something it thinks online gambling companies will never be able to recreate – experience.

Gambling is of course the main offering at Montreal’s premier casino but that is not all that the venue has to offer. Entertainment, food and fun are all on offer to anyone that steps through the doors of this towering casino.

The world class gambling facilities are flanked by equally world class dining options. Visitors can sample a range of world cuisines from cheap and cheerful burgers to the delectable dishes of famed French chef Joël Robuchon.

There are also a great offering of bars and meeting areas for visitors to relax and unwind. Finally, the Casino de Montreal has gone to great lengths to offer regular, high-class entertainment from live Cabaret to professional boxing matches.

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Over the coming years the Montreal gambling centre will continue to broaden its non-gambling options to entice customers through the doors. The hope is that Casino de Montreal will no longer just be a gambling centre, but it will be one of the hottest tourist attractions in the entire city.

The experiences offered by the casino simply cannot be replicated by the online sector, even if virtual reality casinos are to become commonplace.

Instead of panicking or giving in to the online sector, Casino de Montreal has focused on what makes it different and appealing to customers. This approach should seal the long-term popularity of the venue even in the face of mounting growth from the online sector.