Casual Games to Play this Summer

Cell Game 560x280Shorts, sandals, and a loose tank top – this is our uniform for the coming months. The weather is becoming warmer by the day – it’s summer, after all – so leaving home (even if it’s air conditioned) and spending time outside, in the shade, is mandatory. But this doesn’t mean we leave our favorite games behind. Our shorts have big pockets, big enough for our phone to fit in, complete with all its on-the-go gaming fun.

Pokies to Get You in the Mood

Online Pokies 1 560x264We find pokies to be the perfect way to kill time on the beach. Unless, of course, there are other distractions to observe ;). Pokies have enough variety to offer you whatever you are in the mood at the moment. The games at can lift you up with their cheer, or turn your visit to the beach into an epic journey in fantasy worlds. There are hundreds of games you can choose from, some funny, others exciting, but all of them capable of making you feel relaxed and accomplished at the same time. I believe online pokies are among the best casual games you can play ever.

Hail to the King!

farm heroes super saga level 10 has been praised and scolded enough for its addictive, annoying mobile games. After trying them all, we found that not all of their games are quite the same. Their latest, called Farm Heroes Super Saga, was recently launched on iOS, and it represents a welcome change from what their casual titles have offered before.

If you set aside its cheerful farm theme, Farm Heroes Super Saga is a more complex game than any of its predecessors – and not as hard as the ill-fated Candy Crush Jelly. It does still require careful observation and attention but it also requires a healthy dose of strategy to win. It is a pleasant surprise to play such a game after so many mindless, addictive pieces of mobile software.

The Best Games Don’t Need a Phone

Cards 560x280Setting your phone aside when you have company, and engaging with humans instead of a mobile game, is not only a sign of good manners but also the most satisfying game to play this summer. There are, after all, so many games you can play in the summer that don’t involve tapping, swiping, or anything phone-related!

For a larger group, we would certainly recommend Cards Against Humanity. It’s an insanely fun game to play, a source of endless fun. But you can always turn back to basics, and get out a beach ball and do some volleyball in the sand, grab a frisbee and chase it around in the park, or simply engage in a fun conversation with others. It can be more epic, entertaining, and uplifting than any game you can play on your phone.