Celebrate A Giants Super Bowl Win With JPP

jpp header 560x289GIANTS WIN! GIANTS WIN! OMGWTFROFL!!! ELI > PEYTON!!! ELI > BRADY!!!! Well, that was entertaining. A hail mary to end it. Where were David Garrard and Mike Thomas when the Pats needed them? I’d like to say I was impressed with Big Blue’s victory, but I’m a long-suffering Eagles fan and therefore contractually obligated to hate this win for the rest of eternity.

However, I’m not immune to a festive celebration, so here’s Giants fan Josh Hyman doing his rendition of Naughty By Nature’s “Down With J.P.P,” which of course is a parody of “O.P.P.” The JPP being Jason Pierre-Paul, but you knew that already (I hope). And yeah, I know this video has been floating around for a couple of months, but it seems appropriate. Giants still suck.