Celebrate World UFO Day!

ca UFO police e1341190685854 560x291We shit you not, today is officially World UFO Day. They have a website, so it must be a real thing right? According to that very site, here is the deal :

The whole point of World UFO day is to celebrate the existence of UFO’s and extra terrestrial life. People, it’s supposed to be a party! Here are some great ideas to get your own World UFO Day party started. Are you curious if anyone already organized a party near you, check out activities in the site menu. Also, add your party to our World UFO day Meetup to invite more people here!

Don’t laugh, this is serious. To show you how serious, we’ve collected some more information in the form of Infographics, which appear to come mainly from the National UFO Reporting Center. Yep, that exists too.

UFO Infographic

UFO Sightings 560x883

…and this more detailed look :

UFO Detail 560x343

We also found a graphic which seems to show a strong correlation between UFO sightings and Will Smith movies (like Independence Day and Men in Black). I’m sure the folks at the UFO Reporting Center would tell us that is just because when people are more aware, they are more vigilant :

Will Smith UFO Infographic 560x792

mars attacks1 560x238

Don’t worry, they come in Peace!