Celebrating Pi Day with Beer

Beer Pie 233x300Why should not Beer and Pie be friends? We love both of them. And after a bit of research we find that truly, these two are wonderful friends. So today, to celebrate Pi Day, Gunaxin would like to share this friendship with you. Because we want you to be able to enjoy two of your favorite things together. It’ll be the best threesome you’ll have all year, and not just because it will be your only one.

We give you a choice amongst 6 very tasty Beer Pie recipes. I know, work, but it will be such a tastily rewarding labor.


Meringue Pie


A bittersweet twist on the typical Meringue pie.  Be sure to follow the directions diligently:

My meringue-making life became much simpler when I realized that the whisk attachment to our wimpy mixer will also fit in the electric drill.

A chef that encourages the use of power tools in the kitchen!




For those that think Beer is a perfectly acceptable substitute for Bananas.  I love the author’s take on using beer,

It was very important to me to make something that was good BECAUSE it had beer in it, not in spite of it.

We absolutely agree.  If you love beer, you don’t want to waste it cooking if it’s just a gag.  We want to enjoy the beer in our food, not just make something half-assed and giggle about using beer to cook with.




I doubt we’d be able to find any recipe more manly than putting both Buffalo meat and Beer into the same pie.  It is just not testosteronely possible.


Brown Ale
Shoo Fly Pie


I know the Amish aren’t supposed to be using computers so I don’t know how this recipe ended up online.


Warning, HobGoblin is a brand of beer that may or may not be readily available near you.  If using a different ale means changing the name of the pie and ruins the dish for you, we offer our sincere apologies.


Drink your pie!  As the poster over there says,

If you like to drink beer and you like to eat dessert, this may be the recipe for you. A crustless apple pie à la mode is topped with foam made from holiday spiced apple beer—a novel dessert. Can you enjoy it with a spiced beer chaser? Of course!

We hope you have an extremely tasty, beer based, Pie Day!