Celebrity Simpsons, Real Life Cast

Celebrity Simpsons ALL Brad Anderson Creates FINAL Email 560x326Two weeks ago we brought you Springfield Punx, with dozens of characters Simpsonsized. Today we have something a little different, a collection of wonderful photoshop images of a real life cast to the Simpsons. Created by Brad Anderson, the Celebrity Simpsons cast features:

George Clooney as Homer; Cate Blanchett as Marge; Ewan McGregor as Bart; Resse Witherspoon as Lisa; Jennifer Aniston as Maggie; Johnny Depp as Otto; Vince Vaughn as Krusty; William H. Macey as Ned Flanders; Steve Buscemi as Moe; William Dafoe as Mr. Burns; Dustin Hoffman as Millhouse; Stephen Colbert as Mr. Smithers; and Ricky Gervais as Chief Wiggum

Dude spent countless hours putting these together, so respect the skills. Thanks to Popped Culture for the heads up on this, enjoy the images: