Other Celebrity Stormtrooper Action Figures


stewart 660 203x300As everyone knows, George Lucas unveiled the Jon Stewart Stormtrooper action figure (read about it on asylum.com). That was good for a chuckle, but Star Wars is to be taken seriously. So now that we’ve resorted to collecting celebrity Stormtrooper action figures, we need to make a wish list of others that we’d want.

Gunaxin didn’t stop there. Using our crappy Photoshop skills (yes, we suck at Photoshop… criticize something else), we created prototypes of the celebrity Star Wars figures that we want to see on the shelves soon. So, let’s take a look.

First we’ll select Stormtroppers based on Gunaxin’s Six Questions.


Favorite Hottie

megan fox stormtrooper2


Favorite Gadget

arnold stormtrooper


Favorite Movie

eastwood stormtrooper


Favorite Comedian



Favorite Athletes

athletes stormtroopers


Favorite Beer


The next ones aren’t a part of the Six Questions, but they are other people that we admire.

Favorite Musician

eminem stormtrooper

Favorite Television Show

southpark stormtroopersFavorite Actors

sloth stormtrooperFavorite Politicians

biden clinton obamaFavorite Former Political Journalist

helelthomas e1282105772267Favorite CNN Employees

blitzer obrien king

Favorite Neurotic Dorks

allen david stormtroopers

Hey, it’s the Sandtrooper (get it?)


Favorite Boobs

pamela stormtrooperFavorite… Four-way Duel?


Favorite Coach

12Favorite Has-Been TV Actor


Favorite 90s White Rapper

13 560x371

Favorite… I don’t know
mose pennywise clay

Favorite 80s Singers

john jackson madonna

Jackson Deserves Another

jackson stormtrooper1Actually, this works for anyone, including Gunaxin’s favorite movie characters.

movies stormtroopers

And in conclusion, we present… The Gunaxin Stormtrooper

gunaxin girl stormtrooperThanks to Gunaxin writers Art, Stew and Jim Larsen for contributing to this post.