Celis Grand Cru

Celis Grand Cru

Michigan Brewing Company, Webberville, MI (as CELIS)

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Information: (site)A Belgian-style strong ale, bright and golden colored with a hint of orange peel and coriander. This balanced, pleasant to drink brew will sneak up on you. Consume with caution.Grand Cru, our special vintage ale, was originally brewed in small quantities in Belgium for special occasions such as celebrations, festivals and weddings. Celis Grand Cru is brewed according to a traditional recipe and uses Pilsen malt, Saaz, Willamette hops, Curacao orange peel and select spices. The combination produces an ale strong in character with a subtle fruitiness and complex flavors.

This interesting brew comes to you thanks to the fine folks at the Michigan Brewing Company who have ever so smartly put out a 12-pack of some of their finest brews. This little nugget of info was made all the more impressive by the fact that there weren’t just four beer styles times two, oh no. These sneaky buggers gave me four different beers, sure, and times three, but they also packed in four other beers, each of varying types and flavors! That, friends, is value at any price. And this was thoughtfully priced at an amazing $13.99. Sold.

A very bright, transparent whitish-yellow pour with a wisp and whisper of a head that, even as I write this, fades to nothing. The nose of this brew is a mild collection of citrus rind, wheat, and a hint of spice, namely coriander. Coriander is such an easy spice to pick out and few know that it’s the bud form of cilantro. Fortunately, the two smell and taste nothing alike. Also, cilantro in beer sounds a bit off-putting. Anyway, this beer has a very easy and pleasant aroma, indeed.

The first sip is a whirling mix of so many different flavors playing all over the palate: it’s orange, it’s grassy, it’s nutty, and, in the background, just before a slightly, near nonexistent bitterness, is the lively coriander. Strangely, the tone that seems to play the most vibrantly is the rich nuttiness, not a flavor one would often associate with a Belgian-Style ale, but here it is just the same. The mouthfeel isn’t heavy with carbonation, but very smooth and velvety. Since this beer carries a relatively heavy ‘foody’ flavor on its own, pairing it with something light such as weaker cheeses or even a white fish would be very nice, yet, oddly, it could go just as well with smoked sausage or game. A lovely selection.

Rating: * * * *
Citrus rind, coriander, and a rich nuttiness makes this a wonderful and quite delicious choice.