Celtics Fans Will Pay for Anything

Brian Scalabrine header There is no question that Boston sports fans are some of the most vocal, if not loyal, fans around, but we never thought they were crazy. Apparently we were wrong, as there is a market in Boston for fans to pay for Brian Scalabrine’s autograph.

Brian Scalabrine signingIn what appears to be a legitimate event, Scalabrine is charging between $10 and $20 to sign items for fans at a Boston area bar. This event strikes us as ridiculous for a number of reasons.

  1. It’s Brian Scalabrine, who averaged a robust 3.1 points per game since entering the league in 2001.
  2. It’s Brian Scalabrine, whose claim to fame in Boston is averaging 10 minutes and 1.8 points a game during the teams 2008 Championship season.
  3. It’s Brian Scalabrine, who is out of basketball after making over $20m with the Nets, Celtics and Bulls.
  4. It’s Brian Scalabrine, who is best known for vigorously cheering for teammate while sitting on the bench.

Boston fans, we implore you, save your money. If you want to spend money to go spend some time with an overpaid, untalented athlete… go to a Red Sox game next season.

[via Barstool Sports]