Chamberlain MyQ : Smart Garage Made Easy

Chamberlain MYQ Open 560x280This post brought to you by Chamberlain.

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Have you ever pulled up to your home and realized that you can’t open the garage door, because the remote is in the other car? We’re constantly test driving vehicles here at Gunaxin, so it happens to us on a regular basis. In those instances, we’ve often wished we had the ability to open the garage with our smart phone. Now our wish has been granted, thanks to technology from Chamberlain MyQ, which can interface with most existing garage door openers.

Chamberlain MYQ 560x280MyQ Garage is an accessory/add-on that easily connects to any garage door opener (built after 1993). It works through your home’s wi-fi network while communicating through an app downloadable to your smartphone or tablet. You can see it above, easily mounted to our ceiling, and plugged into the second ceiling electrical outlet. Installation took us less than half an hour, and we were ready to go. Our Liftmaster Garage Door Opener was made by Chamberlain, so of course that works flawlessly, but when we configured the unit we noticed the App allowed us to select from numerous other manufacturers too.

Chamberlain MYQ App 560x280The MyQ app integrates through other smart home products and services such as Nest Cam, Nest Thermostat, Xfinity Home and the Wink app to seamlessly integrate with your existing smart home eco-system. We don’t yet have a smart home, but just the ability to operate our garage door from the phone was enough to make us feel smart.

Chamberlain MYQ Sensor 560x280MyQ Garage came with this garage door mounted sensor, which communicates with the MyQ app to let you know the status of your garage door at all times. This functionality also allows the MyQ app to send you alerts when the garage door is opened, even by other people and other devices. Of course you are able to open/close the door from your phone, but that core functionality is even more useful when you consider the non-obvious uses. Think about times when someone else is at your house and needs access to the garage, and you aren’t home. This could be a family member, babysitter, dog walker, cleaning people, or even a contractor. Because the app uses the internet to communicate with MyQ via WIFI, it can open your garage door from anywhere in the world.

Chamberlain MYQ Close 560x280Of course you can also use the App to check the status of the garage door, and close it from anywhere if you (or someone else in your family) neglected to close the door before leaving the house. To Learn More about the Chamberlain MyQ Garage or to purchase at the limited time price, please visit the Chamberlain website. You can also follow Chamberlain on Twitter and Facebook to see how other people are using their MyQ Garage.