Chevy Silverado : High Strength Steel

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ChevyTruck 560x336 The Chevy Silverado is the fastest growing full-size pickup brand of 2015 and is made with high strength steel. That’s a fact that Chevy is proudly touting in their latest series of videos, Silverado Films. The funniest one features the grizzly bear you see above and two cages; one made of aluminum, and one made of high strength steel. Check it out for yourself below:

The humorous scenario posed in this video encouraged me to consider what I would do in this same situation. I’ve read that in most circumstances, bears are afraid of people. So in certain situations, experts recommend remaining still and confident, avoiding eye contact but under no circumstances are you to run away. If a grizzly charges you, experts then recommend playing dead on your stomach, and hoping the pain stops quickly. For a black bear however they recommend attempting to scare the bear away with loud noises while making yourself as big as possible and even fighting back if one attacks.

I recently visited the National Museum of Natural History to demonstrate how I’d like to think I would react to a 700lb grizzly bear, based on this expert advice. Being such a tough guy (you can tell by the beard), I figured I would go with the black bear strategy against the unsuspecting grizzly bear.

Bear 560x373 See how confident I am? My arms are raised as if to strike, and I’m actually growling back at the bear, showing him who is boss. I did get some odd looks in the museum, however it’s all in the name of science. Of course that bear is stuffed, and behind glass, so perhaps I wouldn’t be as confident in a real life situation.

When confronted with a real life grizzly bear, I doubt there is much thinking going on, and I’m not likely to remember anything I’ve ever read in the past. If a bear entered my campsite I would run to the strongest, most dependable truck, which in my opinion is the truck made out of steel of course. I’m not going to lie either, in that bear in the woods scenario, I’d be the one crapping in the woods as I ran full speed to the heavier steel Chevy Silverado for safety. He could ride in the bed for all I care, and maybe I’d drive him down to the river so he could teach me how to catch salmon.

Salmon 560x373 How do you think you’d react if you were standing next to the 700lb bear from the video? Submit your own bear reaction photo by tagging @ChevyTrucks and #SilveradoStrong on Twitter.