Choosing the Best Underwear for the Right Situation

Bad 560x280They say that there’s always the right tool for the right situation; interestingly enough this can also apply to underwear. Whether you’re going to work, working out, or hanging out with friends, the type of underwear you choose to wear can have a considerable impact on your experience. It’s not that surprising really, people seem to think that underwear is a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to any number of different circumstances when in reality they are similar to shoes. Would you wear a pair of shiny leather shoes while working out? Most likely not.


Boxers 560x280

There are two categories that fall under what most people know as “boxers.” First are the ordinary loose boxers (a.k.a. boxer shorts) that people normally associate with the term. These are comparable to small loose shorts and are actually quite comfortable since they don’t restrict movement and are worn loosely around the waist. It is actually quite common for this type of underwear to be worn at home or when a person goes out with friends since they are the most comfortable out of all other types of underwear that will be mentioned in this article. Their loose-fitting style makes movement very comfortable and allows a person to truly relax. However, one detracting feature of this underwear is that it tends to bunch up around the hips and unless you’re wearing jeans it becomes noticeable.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer Briefs 560x280

The second type of boxers are boxer briefs, composed mostly of elastic and nylon but there are some with different materials and styles available as seen in the various VKNagrani boxer briefs for men. This type of underwear is more suitable for office attire and formal occasions since its tightness and streamlined looked does not create the same bunched up effect that wearing loose boxers do. In fact, some men even shove the bottoms of their long-sleeved shirts into the underwear and bring out the ends on the sides. This helps to tighten the overall appearance of the shirt and make it look sleeker rather than loose. However, one issue with this type of boxer is that it feels tight around the waist and is less comfortable than ordinary boxers. They are also a bit more expensive than ordinary boxers which tends to limit the amount of people who choose this type of underwear as the one they would use on a daily basis.

Bikini Briefs

Bikini 560x280Bikini briefs are a tighter and far less comfortable cousin of the common white brief. They are very tight, quite constraining and are not really recommended for individuals that want to feel some “space” in their waists. While you may be asking yourself why anyone would even want to wear this type of underwear, bikini briefs are actually recommended for people who are about to participate in a sporting activity.

This type of brief gives a level of support that is simply not available with boxers or boxer briefs and helps to prevent a wider assortment of unintentional injuries associated with unsupported privates. These types of briefs are not recommended for regular use since various studies have indicated that constant usage over a long period of time can have the effect of cutting off circulation to your legs. However, limited usage while working or while playing sports is perfectly fine and is even recommended.

Ordinary White Briefs

Briefs 560x280This type of underwear is a common fixture in the wardrobes of men around the world since they are cheap, relatively comfortable and are widely available. These tend to be the first type of underwear that men use and many individuals continue to use them well into adulthood. While this type of brief is relatively comfortable, it does have the tendency to bunch up and cause uncomfortable folds to occur necessitating a person having to physically adjust them in order to get rid of the discomfort. This is one of the reasons why these briefs have slowly been phased out over the years due to better alternatives. This is the type of brief you should choose if you are merely staying at home and need something that is comfortable.


Underwear 560x280Choosing the right kind of underwear should always be based on the type of situation that you know you will wind up in. You need to determine whether you’re after comfort, support or simply a combination of the two. Yes, this may seem to be ridiculous since it’s “just underwear” but have you ever been in the middle of a meeting with your underwear shoved in an uncomfortable position that you want to adjust but simply can’t? It is due to instances like these that getting the right underwear for the situation will make your life that much more comfortable.