Christmas Lights Around the World

World Famous Christmas Lights 01 560x280The Art of Exterior Illumination can often be overdone and tacky, while still creating joy in the hearts of many. The photo above is from 34th Street in Baltimore, a location near and dear to our hearts (and headquarters) here at Gunaxin, and quite the local tourist attraction this time of year. A series of individual home owners come together to create an amazing spectacle of lights and decorations. Thousands of people flock to this street every holiday season to experience the magic in person.

World Famous Christmas Lights 02 560x320However when professionals get involved, Christmas Lights can become an even bigger attraction for tourists around the world. Also geographically close to us here at Gunaxin is Washington, DC, pictured above. The National Christmas Tree and Pathway of Peace which surrounds it are an iconic scene in our Capitol, and attracts visitors each year from all over the globe.

Many cities have similar displays this time of year, and we assembled this gallery to highlight some of our favorites. The decorations are as unique as the places that house them, and show that we each have our own way of celebrating the season. They also demonstrate why the Holidays are a very popular time to travel and see the world.