Classic TV Openings and Bumpers

Remember way back in ‘the day’ wen you knew something special was about to be aired on TV just by the little opening bumper? Wait, let’s start over. An opening bumper was the very short, yet very exclusive moment just before a TV show would air that got everyone all hyped up about what was to follow. Now do you understand? Good. And I’d be willing to bet you still remember quite a few, right? Me, too. The tube was riddled with them, even going so far as to trickle into the newer cable years as well. Sadly, like many of our nostalgic memories, they’ve nearly all become just that: memories. Well, thanks to YouTube, things like these can live forever. Enjoy!

Classic Monday Night Football Opening

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as avid a football fan when I was younger as I am now. I don’t have a decent reason as to why that is, so just chalk it up to childhood stupidity. But, I do remember watching the occasional game with my dad in ‘the man cave’ (that is to say, our finished basement/den/playroom) when I could. And still this theme has dug itself a little niche in my memory.

Hockey Night in Canada

No, I didn’t grow up in Canada. In fact, I didn’t live there at all. But this show was aired on local affiliates where I grew up in Michigan and, as luck would have it, it played quite often in the lake cabin we’d frequent most Octobers when I was a lad in a little town near Guelph. I wish I was making that up. Cherry is the man!

Disney Sunday Night Movie

Sure this is the one from the early sixties, but I’m sure most of you have seen it a few times as I have, mainly in front of reel-to-reels shown on lazy days in Elementary School when the teachers were recovering from weekend benders. I used to love the scientists explaining how stuff worked. Such a scene can be witnessed in Gremlins, too!

Another Disney Opening: The Wonderful World of Disney

This is the opening I’m most familiar with: classic, colorful, clips of the DisneyLand theme park… it’s all there. But there was no disappointment like the knife to the guts one got when hoping for an animated feature and getting stuck with something like Charlie the Lonesome Cougar. No matter how hard you hoped and prayed, the cartoons were really few and far between.

The ABC Sunday Night Movie

As a kid — unless it was Summer — Sundays were without a doubt the most boring day of the week. You knew that in a few short hours school was starting again and homework had to get done. Sometimes you spent the day shopping with your parents or wasting time at some boorish relative’s house… time was fleeting. But, sometimes, a really good flick was on Sunday nights. Well, until you had to go to bed, that is.

Another ABC Movie (Of The Week): Moonlighting

A slightly different version of the previous theme with the bumper for a brand new show called Moonlighting. I loved the hell out of that show and I really do remember watching this.

The Looney Tunes “On With the Show” Opening

Granted, this wasn’t really anything overly special, considering it was the actual opening to the Looney Tunes for quite some time on Saturday mornings. But it’s definitely the one I most fondly remember and it really takes me back. Such a classic.

A CBS Special Presentation

Now this was something amazing! I most associate this opening with just about every Christmas special CBS aired from The Peanuts to Frosty. I knew when you heard that drum beat and watched the nauseatingly-rotating words that an hour of the best, most classic stuff was soon to follow.

Another CBS Special Presentation… Leading into something not so special.

No, I never watched this actually air… at least I don’t think I did. I guess it’s possible because I do remember the show, and I used to argue its existence to kids who thought I was nuts, and I haven’t seen it since. Either way, the beginning actually looked pretty cool… right up to the point Han mentions ‘Life Day’. The train derails from then on.

HBO Opening “Space” Theme: Special Presentation

We got cable when I was eight! It’s amazing it’s been around since the early ’80s, especially since the first few stations were mostly ESPN and HBO. But HBO was amazing! Seemingly endless showings of the animated Lord of the Rings, Xanadu, The Last Starfighter… and this opening that I seem to remember them airing a “making-of” at some point, too. Haunting even in its simplicity.