COD: Modern Warfare Movie Trailer?

Feature Image COD 560x226

Last week, the website was discovered (or leaked) to various members of the video gaming community. The site contained a lone countdown clock, counting down to what many people believed would be the announcement of Modern Warfare 3, the next edition of the Call of Duty series.

However, the Call of Duty series owner Activision was quick to label it as a hoax and insisted the site had nothing to do with future games. The countdown clock expired and Activision was right … though we are left with more questions than answers.

What appeared on the site once the countdown was over was a rather impressive looking trailer for a Modern Warfare movie. Using plenty of the cut-scenes from the actual video game, the trailer brings the game to life in a way we’ve really not seen before.

We’d label it as a fan-made trailer, but it does raise the question of whether a real Call of Duty movie could be in the works in the near future, given the success of the franchise.