Colin Farrell Will Suck Your Blood

fright night header 560x315

The first trailer for the upcoming Fright Night remake was released late last week. I would’ve posted it sooner, but damn if I didn’t fall off the wagon… again. Rather than blame my pathetic lack of willpower, I’m going to shift the onus to the recently engaged dude buying rounds of shots at the bar. I was perfectly content sipping my club soda until the enabler with his overjoyed attitude and wad of cash came along. What a dick!

Anyway, Colin Farrell plays vampire Jerry to Anton Yelchin’s nosy neighbor Charley Brewster. Despite my initial reservations, I have to admit this thing looks okay. There’s still a chance Craig “I directed Mr. Woodcock” Gillespie fu*ked up the final product, but so far, so good.