College Essentials : One Bag Challenge

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It’s that time of year again, when the kids start heading back to school, and college students move back into their dorms. We remember our dorm living days fondly, but it occurred to us that life on campus is much different these days when it comes to packing lists. Gone are the days when students need to lug a full stereo and music collection with them, or even a television and DVD collection. Everything is done digitally, even the paper of text books and notepads have been replaced by tablets.

Ultimately college is about freedom, getting away from your family and moving out on your own. There is nothing more freeing than carrying everything you need on your back, no matter what the destination is. Packing the essentials for college is not unlike packing for one of our press trips we imagine, so we challenged ourselves to pack everything we’d need for University in one bag. The idea here is that you could carry this backpack with you on campus, and where ever you end up sleeping, you’ll have everything you need for school. So whether you spend an all-nighter in the library studying, or wake up on the floor of a frat house, you can fit all of the essentials in one backpack.

The Bag

Backpack Gear 560x219We’re going to start with everything you would have on your body, and most importantly the backpack itself. We recommend a high quality bag like this Renegade from OGIO, but most modern backpacks will have plenty of space for all of your gadgets and gear. If you’re anything like us, you’re always going to have your keys, cell phone, wallet, sunglasses and a hat with you. While those items can easily be stored in the bag, they also tend to be worn or in the pockets. Of course you would also be wearing one set of clothing.

The Essentials

Essentials 560x219Next we move on to the essentials, your clothing and toiletries. The size of your bag, and the size of your clothing will determine how much you can keep on you at all times, but it seems like a good idea to have at least one full change of clothes in your bag because you never know what is going to happen. Along with that you’ll need a small travel toiletry bag to keep yourself looking and smelling fresh. Unused hotel soaps and shampoos are absolutely perfect for this. We also suggest a lightweight Schick® Xtreme3® razor, because regardless of where you spent the night, you want to start the next day clean and fresh with a shave.

The Mobile Workstation

Mobile Desktop 560x219When we were in college, we brought a desktop tower, large CRT monitor, and a printer with us to school. There was no way we could take any of that to class with us. These days you just need a good laptop and power adapter and you’re all set, most students don’t even turn in printed paper anymore. For those times when you really need to get work done, we suggest a portable Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. We call it the mobile workstation, and it allows us to update this website wherever we go. It provides the same freedom to college students.

The Portables

Small Portables 560x219There are times when even a laptop is too big, so we make sure to always carry a tablet and smart phone with us too. All are built to work seamlessly together, as long as you keep them charged and on the network. Additionally we think college students would need extra portable battery power, a USB flash drive, and a good pair of headphones. Oh, and that item on the left is a notebook, with actual paper in it. Ask your parents how to use it. That’s it, everything you need for college packed into one backpack. Did we miss anything?

Schick Selfie Sweeps

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