The Most Anticipated College Football Games of 2015

Ohio State 560x280As the 2015 college football season approaches, the one thing every fan of the game is talking about is the match-ups. This season has a ton of games that are going to make or break a team. Some of the games are happening this weekend while the rest of them are mixed all over the season.

Ohio State, the 2014 National Champions, will be defending their title in 2015. Their road to the playoffs are about as easy as anyone in the country with games against Maryland, Northern Illinois, Rutgers, and Western Michigan. Their toughest games are at home minus their season opener which you will see in a few short sentences.

Who else has a cake schedule? What powerhouses will have to run the gauntlet of a grueling season just to make it to the four team playoff and a shot at a National Title in 2015? Let’s get right to it. To make things even more exciting, we have decided to give you our predictions for each match-up we have chosen for each week. Enjoy.

(All rankings are from the 2015 AP Poll and our Predicted Winners are in Bold)

Week 1

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The season begins. There is only one other week besides week 1 of the football season that can be equally agreed upon by all college football fans as the best week of the season.

We have waited almost 9 months for this moment, it is opening weekend in college football. It is the first time we are getting to watch a lot of these teams go at 100%. The rankings are never the same after week 1, never the same. Every single season, the opening weekend takes a few teams out of the rankings while adding a few more and giving us the bonus of a some newbies in the top ten. So everyone be ready, these are the games to watch in week 1 but don’t be shocked when upsets happen. They always do.

  • (3) Alabama vs. (20) Wisconsin
  • (2) TCU at Minnesota
  • Louisville at (6) Auburn
  • (15) Arizona State at Texas A&M
  • Washington at (23) Boise State
  • (11) Notre Dame vs. Texas
  • (1) Ohio State at Virginia Tech

Week 2 .emg .fbc .michstate.0986 1 560x373

After such an exciting list of games from Week 1, we can only expect the second week to have a sudden drop off. We only found a few games of note, but they are truly going to be fun to watch.

  • (7) Oregon at (5) Michigan State
  • (25) Tennessee vs. (19) Oklahoma
  • (14) LSU at Mississippi State

Week 3

notre dame ga tech 560x338

As the weeks roll on, this list can only get stronger. Week 3 gives us a match-up that we haven’t seen since 2007 when Notre Dame hosts Georgia Tech. Prior to 1981, this rivalry was as exciting to watch as two birds fighting over the last piece of food in the nest. Each team would battle until the bitter end and the games, some times, were very low scoring. Don’t expect that this year, both teams should find the end zones.

For the rest of the games, conference play is under way and the SEC is going to flex its muscles this weekend showcasing 3 huge match-ups that could determine the SEC West race. The Pac-12 is just getting started this season when BYU heads to face UCLA in a game that should surely be full of offense.

  • Louisville vs. (12) Clemson
  • (11) Notre Dame vs. (16) Georgia Tech
  • (6) Auburn at (14) LSU
  • South Carolina at (9) Georgia
  • (8) USC vs. (21) Stanford
  • (17) Ole Miss at (3) Alabama
  • BYU at (13) UCLA

Week 4

la sp usc five 560x404

Speaking of the Pac-12 having a great list of games this season, Week 4 justifies that statement with three incredible match-ups. If USC is for real this season, they will be able to prove it against Arizona State while UCLA is just beginning to run the gauntlet of their tough 2015 schedule. We expect Utah to come out strong this year too.

  • (13) UCLA at (22) Arizona
  • (15) Arizona State vs. (8) USC
  • Utah at (7) Oregon

Week 5

Cameron Fleming Kevin Danser Sam Schwartzstein David Yankey 10062012 DE 143 560x373

By now you are getting comfortable with your team and the postseason is beginning to take shape. Week 5 is here and that means, mid-season rivalries. Notre Dame and Clemson, Alabama and Georgia, Texas and TCU, Arizona State and UCLA, Stanford and Arizona are all going to be great games.

We are not going to pick Alabama to lose twice this season. Then again, we are also not going to pick them to go undefeated again. They might be strong defensively, but the Bulldogs are going to be one of the best defenses in the country thanks to an amazing LB core.

  • (3) Alabama at (9) Georgia
  • (11) Notre Dame at (12) Clemson
  • (21) Stanford vs. (22) Arizona
  • (15) Arizona State at (13) UCLA
  • Texas at (2) TCU

Week 6

o FLORIDA STATE facebook 560x280

Are you tired yet? The season is rolling along and we are not even halfway done. You better not go anywhere, Week 6 is full of games the DVR should record including Florida State and Miami. Those two teams always give us something to enjoy and we think a Hurricane upset is going to happen causing a huge rip in the ACC.

Don’t forget about Georgia Tech and Clemson. As much as we love the Yellow Jackets, they just have too much to deal with this season to see them winning them all. The grueling schedule hurts them and they will drop one to Clemson.

  • (8) USC vs. Washington
  • (20) Wisconsin at Nebraska
  • (18) Arkansas at (3) Alabama
  • Kansas State vs. (2) TCU
  • (16) Georgia Tech at (12) Clemson
  • (10) Florida State vs. Miami (FL)
  • (9) Georgia at (25) Tennessee

Week 7

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Penn State has the best QB in the nation in Christian Hackenberg yet no one is willing to give him the love he deserves. Much like a lower division star, Joe Flacco or Tony Romo, Christian Hackenberg is being treated the same way. He will get to show the world when they face Ohio State in Week 7 and after last season’s near upset. We think Penn State’s defense shuts them down and steals the win to start a spiraling effect on the rest of the rankings.

  • (21) Stanford vs. (13) UCLA
  • West Virginia at (4) Baylor
  • (7) Oregon at Washington
  • (10) Florida State vs. Louisville
  • Penn State at (1) Ohio State
  • (11) Notre Dame vs. (8) USC

Week 8

UCLA CAL FB 560x364

California enters Week 8 with a chance to keep winning, we expect their offense to get them a few big wins this season. They get to travel to UCLA where they will get their first big upset of the season.

Since we mentioned upsets, we have to mention the exciting matchup of Clemson and Miami. Since this is Week 8, Miami should be ranked and this one should be a last minute or OT one that the Hurricanes hold onto and continue to climb in the polls.

  • California at (13) UCLA
  • Texas Tech at (19) Oklahoma
  • (3) Alabama vs. (25) Tennessee
  • (18) Arkansas vs. (6) Auburn
  • (12) Clemson at Miami (FL)
  • (10) Florida State vs. (16) Georgia Tech

Week 9

WVU2 560x360

TCU almost went home with a loss last year against West Virginia until a last second 37 yard field goal gave them the win. The Horned Frogs are too tough to let that happen again plus they will be at home, a place they are the most dangerous.

This is one of those weeks that has a few great match-ups and many far less interesting ones. Mark the calendars for these games because they will be the best on TV in Week 9.

  • West Virginia at (2) TCU
  • Florida at (9) Georgia
  • (15) Arizona State vs. (7) Oregon
  • (16) Georgia Tech at Virginia
  • (8) USC at California
  • (17) Ole Miss at (6) Auburn

Week 10

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Florida State might be finished by Week 10 unless a miracle happens and other ACC teams start losing. Clemson should find a win this year but by Week 10, it is hard to know where they will stand after already losing two weeks prior to Miami. Baylor has to win against Kansas State if they want a shot at a title. This is the week they will get to jump up to either 1 or 2 if they win.

  • (4) Baylor at Kansas State
  • (5) Michigan State at Nebraska
  • (18) Arkansas at (17) Ole Miss
  • (1) Ohio State vs. Minnesota
  • (10) Florida State at (12) Clemson
  • Illinois at Purdue
  • (22) Arizona at (8) USC
  • Colorado vs. (21) Stanford
  • (14) LSU at (3) Alabama

Week 11

baylor oklahoma 560x373

Do not plan on Baylor going undefeated, they have too many tough games to end the season and this is only the second of four straight. Oklahoma should be tough defensively and stopping Baylor’s high scoring offense is going to be key. How about that SEC? They have so many great games this year, that we shouldn’t even rank them until the end of the season. It is going to be up and down all year long.

  • (9) Georgia at (6) Auburn
  • Virginia Tech at (16) Georgia Tech
  • (7) Oregon at (21) Stanford
  • (22) Arizona vs. Utah
  • BYU at (24) Missouri
  • (14) LSU vs. (18) Arkansas
  • (12) Clemson at Syracuse
  • (3) Alabama at Mississippi State
  • (4) Baylor vs. (19) Oklahoma

Week 12

rn usc oregon ms 07 560x350

Week 12 is the final week for some teams and the final conference games for the rest. This is going to spell the end of the year or the beginning of a title run for a few teams including USC, TCU, Ohio State, LSU, and Michigan State. USC and Oregon is going to be one of the best games this season, not just in Week 12. Boise State should be high enough in the rankings to be one of the non-conference teams to spoil the season for those heavy hitters too.

  • (2) TCU at (19) Oklahoma
  • (8) USC at (7) Oregon
  • (5) Michigan State at (1) Ohio State
  • Air Force at (23) Boise State
  • (14) LSU at (17) Ole Miss
  • North Carolina at Virginia Tech
  • (15) Arizona State vs. (22) Arizona
  • (13) UCLA at Utah

Week 13 (Rivalry Week)

georgiatech 560x400

Week 13 is the best week of the season. It is the time of the football year we are treated with some of the best rivalries in the history of the sport. The season, for some of these teams, begins this week. For the rest, they have marked it on the calendar five months ago and have already prepared for it all season long.

Records, rankings, NFL prospects… None of it matters this week, it is goal line to goal line of hard hitting and big plays. This week is what football is all about. Be prepared, this is going to be a long list.

  • (4) Baylor at (2) TCU
  • Texas Tech at Texas
  • Washington vs. Washington State
  • Central Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan
  • (24) Missouri at (18) Arkansas
  • (7) Oregon vs. Oregon State
  • Kansas State at Kansas
  • Oklahoma State vs. (19) Oklahoma
  • (1) Ohio State at Michigan
  • (5) Michigan State vs. Penn State
  • (6) Auburn vs. (3) Alabama
  • (9) Georgia vs. (16) Georgia Tech
  • (17) Ole Miss at Mississippi State
  • (12) Clemson at South Carolina
  • California vs. (15) Arizona State
  • (13) UCLA at (8) USC
  • (21) Stanford vs. (11) Notre Dame
  • Virginia vs. Virginia Tech