College Gadget Picks

We are in the month of August, so another school year is just around the corner. If you are going to college soon or heading back for another year, check out some the gadgets below to help you ease in to your dorm or apartment.

Stem Timecommand e1312553201732The first item is the Stem TimeCommand. The TimeCommand allows you to control your sleep and wake environment with this evolutionary alarm clock music system for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. While you are sleeping you can charge and play your Apple devices as well as even connect and control your bedside lamp. All you need to do is download the free Stem:Connect App from iTunes. One of the features of the app is the Wake-by-Light feature which allows you to control a bedside lamp. You can set this feature for dimming incandescent bulbs, automatically switch lamp off when you go to sleep, and set alarms to activate lamp when you awake. What about those late nights of “studying” you will be doing? Another feature is the TimeCommand’s SafeWake feature that ensures that you will wake on time by eliminating the causes of most alarm failures. The battery-backup protects against power interruptions, alarm settings are automatically transferred from app-to-clock and clock-to-app, and time sets automatically when you dock your Apple device.

Plus the TimeCommand has the Sonic iQ – Making Sound Smarter feature.  The precisely tuned acoustic system delivers superior ambient room audio. Just download the Stem:Connect App and you can use a 5-band graphic equalizer with presets, loudness and bass enhancer, and Internet radio playback. To learn more about the app, click here. The TimeCommand from Stem sells for under $100.00 can be purchased at the Stem Innovation website.

usbhub 560x274The next item is the AViiQ Portable Charging station. If you have all the Apple gadgets then this is a product for you. The charging station can charge four USB devices simultaneously, including an iPad, as well as passing data through one specialized port. This station can handle the iPad’s large power consuming rate that requires a 10v charger, which is supplied through one of our four ports. The charging station is a sturdy nylon bag designed to keep all your charging needs in one simple place, whether you are at the dorm, class or traveling. You’ll save time and money since you won’t need to buy extra cables for different locations.

You will be able to sync up to your computer with this retractable USB cable. There will be no more unplugging between the wall and your computer just to charge your device, especially those that require more power than your laptop can provide. After you’re done just pull and let it zip back into place and you’re ready to go. One of the things that I love about this gadget is that there are four pockets that are specially designed to fit up to four USB cables each for easy cable organization. You will only need to coil them up once and put them away. AViiQ also highlighted one pocket so you know which one is available for data syncing so you’ll never get confused. You can purchase the AViiQ Portable Charging station for $79.99 at their website.

hercules 560x423And last but not least the Hercules Diamond 2.0 USB speakers. The mini speaker kit has an outstanding and unique design to add some style to your computer. The speakers features a full USB cable to power the speakers, creating less cord and ensures an unequalled ease of use. The included wired mini-remote control features volume settings to raise, lower and mute your tunes. The satellites are magnetically-shielded and include a black velvet case with reinforced compartments for protection and transport. These speakers can turn your dorm room from a study to a party room in no time. The speakers sell for $39.99 and to get more info go the Hercules website.