Comfort Wipe is a Breakthough in Wiping Technology

Comfort Wipe…a product for people whose anus is 10-18″ further away than their arm will reach!

Was society as a whole just waiting for a better way to wipe their ass? Were bidets not enough? I can imagine it now: Wiping my ass is hard work! I wish there was something that made it easier…and now there is! Although after viewing the infomercial below, I must say they should have got the ShamWow guy or Billy Mays to promote this. “You’re gonna love how clean my nuts are!”

Note: If you’re an able-bodied adult and need help to wipe your own ass, just go kill yourself right now. Or else you might end up like this guy:

bart rag on a stick 300x226

I wash myself with a rag on a stick!

Further note, you might also try i-mockery’s three seashell method:

i mockery three seashells